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Király László

King Houses lntroduction

From Tool Wholesaler to Pre-Assembled House Specialist

ln the year of 2016 the decision has been made that a brand new company shall be started after my tool wholesaler company – established in 1991. The new company – King Houses – dealing with an entirely new area, where houses and buildings built in a smart and economical, quick and good quality manner are now affordable while their maintenance is also low-cost.

The story started in March 2016, when I was in the USA, in the Las Vegas area. 1 noticed that lots of gated communities are being built on huge areas, and this is done in a much more cleanly, trash-less, or­derly fashion than what I was used to before. The buildings were growing really fast, without any trucks, concrete mixers or cranes. When I got home in April, 1 found a post about this construction scheme on Facebook, which I looked into more specifically.

1 found this technology really smart, because it is precise, it uses pre-assembled solutions, and the engineering plans and building-joinery workshop manufacturing takes up about 90% of the work. After that, the parts just need to be assembled on site from max. 1m x 3m pieces. After I found the suppliers who can provide the materials needed to build the King-Houses, professional designers, enthusiastic helpers from family and friends, and construction experts, the first KING panel (lnsulated Building Panel in English SIP, Structural lnsulated Panel) building know-how has been created, the King-Houses Technology.

László Király – KingPanel